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Blogging Balochistan
Saturday, 5 February 2005
Kalpars & Semi-Kalpars
Looks like that Kalpars have decided not to be Baloch any more. In their private battle with Sardar Bugti, they have taken the sides with Pakistan, against the Baloch.

Kalpar is a subtribe, of a subtribe of Bugti tribe. They used to live in Dera Bugti area, before they got into a fight with nawab Bugti. There were fights, deaths on both sides. Kalpars even managed to kill a few member of nawab's family. In early 90s, they were given state protection, and were taken to areas of Sindh, and Punjab as refugees. The Government still pays them. For their survival they are totally dependent on state, and the enemity still goes on.

But this is the latest twist where they can be used as a counter-force against Baloch fighters. They are paraded on TV, as the witness to nawab's cruelties and corruption, and as the good 'Bugties'.

Kalpar cheif now says Pakistan is our mother. Ahmadan Bugti says that Akbar Bugti Wants To Keep People Backward. Also, Ahamdan meets Corps Commander, and another Khan Mohammad Kalpar says the land is ours, please pay us.

Seems like, the government has got enough Mir Sadiqs and Mir Jaffars to unleash on baloch. In the marri areas, there is Hazari fouj. In Bugti areas, it is the kalpars and mazaris. In the Mengal area, they have Zehries and Khan of Kalat. In Makkoran, they have druglords mascarading as politicians. In Lasbela, they have Jams.

We, baloch, might not be that strong that we think we are.

UPDATE: 8th Feb.

An ex-official in Balochistan said today that the policy to use Kalpars against Nawab Bugti was first devised in 1993 by Benazir Government.

Posted by Gedroshian at 10:59 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 7 February 2005 7:59 AM EST
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Friday, 11 February 2005 - 9:54 AM EST

Name: Maz

Somewhere along you have got your facts quite skewed.

The Mazari-Bugti dispute was related to the location of their mutual border and the fact that the Bugtis were quarrying sand, rock and gravel without permission from Mazari land. With a few hundred years of 'syali' rivalry between the two tribes, sadly this dispute flared into a conflict. It had nothing to do with the so-called 'masters' of Pakistan.

Hence the reference to Mirs Jaffer and Sadiq was completely uncalled for.
In true Baloch fashion the moment an outside enemy appeared the Mazaris declared instant ceasefire and declared their sympathy for their Bugti cousins.

Sitting from miles away, as you may be, you should make certain of your facts before you cast 'sheeghans' at others my friend!

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