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Blogging Balochistan
Thursday, 24 February 2005
How the young, urban Pakistanis see Baloch?
Lately, Pakistan has grown a breed of young, rich, and upwardly mobile group in urban centers of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, (named `burgers' by others). These burgers see themselves as different than their rural and less affluent counterparts. They wear designer jeans, their CD racks are full of CDs of Led Zeppelins, George Michaels, and Eminems, instead of Pathaney khans, and Abida Parveens. They have heard of and have discussed among themselves the Jen-Brad split or that new Mercedes car. They think of Musharraf the commando-liberal savior and the politicians, the scum of earth. They are disappointed that Musharraf had to deal with those politicians, but they approve of it because of theory of necessity. Their moms and dads are very active in NGOs, and perhaps own one or more of those booming businesses that Shaukat Aziz claims his reforms have turned around. From the mega billboards in their cities, they are aware of existence of a city in Balochistan; Gawadar. Their parents either have bought land in Gawadar, or thinking of doing that.

To them, Balochistan is an enigma. All they have seen or heard of are two types of Baloch; the sardars (Bugti, mainly), and black, curly-haired Baloch of Lyari (which they call makkoranis). They were in awe of their Bugti classmate, who had armed, wild looking, and turbaned Baloch bodyguards. Makkoranis, they have seen or met at Hawkes-bay, or while on that trip to Hub. They are totally perplexed when they see a Baloch who isn't Bugti, or isn't black with curly hair.

Current situation is one that they are confident Musharraf, and the army can handle. They are sure that it is those bloody, greedy, oppressive Sardars who are causing all this trouble. They also are confident that the `matter' is soon going to be solved.

These people will be in the positions of power and decision-making, soon. With their knowledge of and interest in Baloch and Balochistan, not many positive things can be expected.

Posted by Gedroshian at 1:31 PM EST
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