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Blogging Balochistan
Tuesday, 29 March 2005
I wrote this on October 05, 2003 about Bugti. i think it is very much applicable even today, so here i present it to you.


Can there ever be two sides of what this man, nawab Akbar shahbaz khan bugti, has been or has done to Balochistan? He is one of those larger-than-life figures. But what will baloch history say about him? He is old, he will soon die. Does he deserve to be adorned or condemned, after he dies?

This guy has been there, leading and misleading bugtis, since some 50+ years. What does he has to show today? The last time that I checked, Dera Bugti was still a little dirty ugly town in eastern balochistan, bugtis poorer than ever, his sons/ grandsons typical nawabzaadas, and baloch as a whole more than down-trodden.

So, if u rule a place/ people for fifty years, and in the end, they r still what they were, do u really have a reason to be proud?

Some say he gets the gas royalty. Of course, he does. and he takes it all for himself. But that's ok. he can't be expected to be a saint.

I m told, though not sure, that he accepted Pakistan, when guaranteed that he would remain the nawab.

He was the Governor/ or CM of Balochistan, when Paki Army was operating in Balochistan. I mean what other proof one needs to be assured that this man has different concepts of baloch and balochistan than what many of us have.

But, for Pakistan, he is the one they can neither swallow, nor spit out. He is the last man standing of those old balochi sardars. The rest of the group, Mengal and Marri have lost the glint long ago. Once this guy is gone, Balochistan is an open and closed case.

BUT, i m still willing to be his dog, if he starts doing something for Balochistan now, not for himself or bugtis. I will follow him, if that will lead me anywhere near an Azad Balochistan.

In Short, the guy is as bad as it gets, but he is also as bad for the enemy too.


Posted by Gedroshian at 2:02 PM EST
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Sunday, 27 March 2005
I am on paltalk, and i am loving it

At paltalk, there are a few anti-baloch groups. and Oh, they are good. If you get a chance, please hear them out. I have been recording most of what they say, and am trying to make a nice collection. I will see if i can upload a few nice sample from the talk.

From bad sardars, to uneducated baloch, to Indian agents, to droping the atom bomb on baloch, you get it all there.

Now i understand why Pakistanis hate baloch. They read such types of articles on Urdu websites.

Posted by Gedroshian at 3:48 PM EST
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Has Bugti betrayed the Baloch...again??
Bugti is doing deals with Hussains from Punjabs, announcing 3-day cease fires, praising Hussains for their well wishes, and also saying that he won't be selling the dead bodies of those who were killed by FC in Sui.

Has Pak managed to create another rift among baloch forces? was all this fight for a deal?

Has Bugti thought what will happen if he accepts the deal, but other forces don't? what will he do? Become the governor of Balochistan and fight Baloch forces?

He made us proud for a few days, but looks like his greedy nature might win...once again. But this time...No deal-making Bugti can stop those who are sarmachars.

Posted by Gedroshian at 10:58 AM EST
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Thursday, 24 March 2005
The Balochistan Experts
Aren't you surprised how many people have started writing, or speaking about Balochistan? Almost everybody has become an expert. They have got theories (America is doing it all), and the inside knowledge (weapons are coming through Chamman route). Anybody who has ever visited balochistan, or even had a Baloch classfellow thinks that (s)he knows enough about Balochistan situation to pass judgments.

Posted by Gedroshian at 4:31 PM EST
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The Gawadar Rampage
Thank you, Gawadaris for showing that makkoran has got some courage, too; That makkoranis have not the lost the sense of solidarity with other Baloch, yet; That the sale of plots have not lessened their balochness yet. I particularly liked the fact that PIA and Askari bank were attacked.

Posted by Gedroshian at 4:02 AM EST
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Wednesday, 23 March 2005
Today was 23rd March. The Pakistan Day. And not a single bomb blast, or rocket attack??? This is no good. But, There are still a few hours left. A lot can happen..Don't disappoint me, guys.

UPDATE: 24th March

I apologize. There were rocket attacks in Kohlu, bomb blasts in Machh, Turbat, and Noshki, Demonstrations in Gwadar. Good.

Posted by Gedroshian at 1:13 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 24 March 2005 4:03 AM EST
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Tuesday, 22 March 2005
The New Nouroz Khan
Sanaullah Zehri thinks he is the new Nawab Nouroz Khan.



Jam Yousuf can't even imagine a free Balochistan. Too dumb to think.

Posted by Gedroshian at 7:03 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 7 April 2005 4:11 PM EDT
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Saturday, 19 March 2005
Dasht e Goraan
Anybody who is interested in Baloch affairs, even a little, knows that the motherland bleeds. The vultures circle our skies. The golas blacken our land. And the dogs and their offsprings are crying aloud.

Bugti saab.... DIE or KILL.

BLA... what are you waiting for? wreak havoc. No need of a 'nice war' any more. just go full throttle.

Mengal sahib... still akhabri bayans? still press conferences?? whats wrong with you? Shake the guys up in Jhalawan.

Marri Sahib.... could you please target those rockets a little more precisely? Don't throw those on empty lots. There are enough Punjabis (foujis or civilians) in Balochistan to target at.

Bizenjo/ Hayee et al.... can you come out clean? where are you? what do you want? we know that you can't fight, but could you please trouble your long and sharp tongues?

Pashtoons.... guys, it is time to tell which side you are on.

For the baloch common man..... it is only few generations who get a chance to change the destinies of their nations. Ours is one. lets shine. Lets do something which our forefathers couldn't. Lets have a country of our own. Lets make Balochistan a dasht e goraan (a desert of graves) for all occupiers.

Posted by Gedroshian at 1:28 PM EST
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Tuesday, 15 March 2005
Nawab Marri
Here is another article , maligning Nawab marri, putting all the blame on him for everything in Balochistan, past or present.

Posted by Gedroshian at 1:57 PM EST
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Sunday, 13 March 2005
The BLA Hit List
Great!!! There is a Hit List. Hopefully all the traitors, all the collaborators are on that list.

The good thing is that those people know who they are. Most of them are not so hidden. I think, instead of having names in the list, we should have categories. Allow me to explain this. Having Jam Yousuf on the list isn't good enough. Having chief minister of Balochistan is.

Everybody working for or in the government should be on the list. Everybody from FC, Rangers, or Army walking on the road in Balochistan should also be on the list. Targeted assassination is an effective tool in Guerrilla warfare. It is time that we pick a few of those on the list, just to show we mean business.

Posted by Gedroshian at 7:05 AM EST
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BLA raped the Lady Doctor
I know it is hilarious, but this seems to be the new line Pak is going to promote.

The Urdu Daily 'Nawa-e-Waqt' website had this news on their website, which i am not able to produce here. It said that BLA is invloved in the rape of the lady doctor. it isn't on that site any more.

What can they acheive by saying this? is this another effort of mis-inforimng the people of Punjab about the Baloch?

Good going, Pakistan.

UPDATE: 14th March 2005.

Now, Nawa-e Waqt is suggesting that Probably Dr. Shazia Khalid is a prostitute. How sick can these guys get?

Posted by Gedroshian at 6:33 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 14 March 2005 8:50 AM EST
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Wednesday, 9 March 2005
Marris at center stage
From Bugtis, the Marris have stolen the limelight. DIG Police Quetta has clearly named Hayrbeyar Marri the cheif and facilitator of our rocketeers. Perhaps, they will not take on Nawab Marri at Kahan any time soon, But they have already started clearing out marris from Quetta, and around. Next step might be the activation of hazari fouj in nawab's home turf. Will nawab marri wait and watch? A bomb blast, a rocket attack, here and there, are not suitable tools any more. More is needed.

This all happened because Nawab Marri didn't act, after the marri camp operation. If you have read the story of old man and his trukey, you know that the turkey has been lost. Now, we wait and see what Pakis are going to do next. We need to get proactive. Send a few marris to Multan, get the gas pipelines blown up in a mjaor way. It is simply the best way to send the message in a tone that Pak understands. Whatever you do, do it now, before they get a foothold.

God knows why Mengal and Bugti are just sitting around, when Marri's men are getting arrested almost daily?

Posted by Gedroshian at 7:39 AM EST
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Tuesday, 8 March 2005
Making some noise
I am not too fond, or sure of the role of Sindhis in our freedom struggle, but it looks like they have got something done for us.

World Sindhi Institute has organized a meet in Washinton about Human Rights in Focus: The Balochistan Example on 7th of March, 2005.

They brought in a few important people to talk about Balochistan.

Thanks guys.

Posted by Gedroshian at 2:26 PM EST
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Monday, 7 March 2005
Play the game!!

Jamali to Rind:

"Sardar Sab, 'don't waste your time on such issues, just enjoy your cabinet portfolio'"

Yeah guys, just play on.

Posted by Gedroshian at 6:46 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 7 March 2005 6:47 AM EST
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Balach VS Juma
So now Balach Marri and Dr. Juma Khan Marri have inherited the personal (which they pretend is idealogical) enmity from their fathers. While commenting on that ISI-planted article, Balach brings in Mir Hazar Khan's sons.

Is it too much to ask these guys to grow up??

Posted by Gedroshian at 6:43 AM EST
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Sunday, 6 March 2005
Nawab Magsi...enjoys overwhelming support in the province...held in high esteem by all the sardars, nawabs as well as by the masses...enjoy cordial relations with Balochs, Pashtoons, Hazaras and settlers in the area...enjoys working relationship with the MMA leadership....a leader in the Chief Minister?s House who will cope with the challenge....the prevailing political and law and order situation demands a more active Chief Minister....

This is a funny story.

Jam and Magsi have a tough competition ahead, at proving who is more loyal to Punjab.

Posted by Gedroshian at 8:08 AM EST
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Thursday, 3 March 2005
In old times, Persian/ Mughals kings used to have poets in their darbars to sing their praises. Those poets were called Qaseeda khawans, and their poetry Qaseeda. Here is a modern time Qaseeda in balochi, about a housing project In Gwadar.

Posted by Gedroshian at 7:36 AM EST
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A Follow-up
I had written a post on 23rd January 2005, Titled; The Coming Storms, about what Pakistan might chose to do to the Baloch . Here, i try to follow-up on what i had said earlier. The Italics are from the original post.

I have strengthened my belief that the military operation in Balochistan might be limited, and specific. But, it will be very high on spy lane.
very true. Many people have been abducted, and nobody is aware of their whereabouts. A clear ISI mark.

I think in the coming weeks and months the government;

- will bring out the dissidents in Bugti/ Marri areas.
Ever knew of existence of Ahmadan Bugti, Khan Mohammad Kalpar, Hazar Khan Bijarani, etc before? Now you do.

- will buy smaller nawabs, and sardars for royalties, and commissions in return of loyalty.
Musharraf himself said that 73 baloch sardars are with his government.

- will activate the 'pashtoon card' i.e. threatening Baloch that Pathans can be used against them.
The people agitating against the rockets attacks, and showing happiness at marri camp operation, shown at PTV, are always pathans.

- will ignite baloch /brohi divisions.
No evidence of that yet, other than almost all brohi chiefs being with the govt.

- will assassinate smaller student leaders.
Many BSO leaders have been arrested.

- the paki media will be brining out how bad sadars are, the foolish baloch customs, the un-islamic baloch character, etc.
It is everywhere. Paki media has told us that sardars have private jails and torture cells, that baloch are lazy and anti-development, etc.

It shouldn't take much time. Hopefully, in a few weeks, we will be hearing of royalties paid to sardars, the job-ratio and water-distribution ratio among provinces and so on.
You actually now know how much nawab Bugti gets annually, his airfare, kitchen costs, etc.

Fasten your seat belts.
Please do.

Posted by Gedroshian at 7:11 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 3 March 2005 7:19 AM EST
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Wednesday, 2 March 2005
Nawab Sahib, now WHAT????
Marris from New Kahan are getting paraded on TV as the wild terrorists, and retarded tribesmen. and Humayoun Marri chooses to do a press conference???

Nawab Marri Sahib, you told us that those we won't fight are cowards, and not Baloch. Now its your own house under siege.

Will you fight?

Posted by Gedroshian at 7:06 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 2 March 2005 7:20 AM EST
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Monday, 28 February 2005
Those Journalists
The article, which i have posted earlier here, got me shocked, frustrated, disappointed, and confused. Was i being a fool? were we really being played upon by the neo-imperial powers? are we really mere pawns in this game? should i believe what it is written in that article? That article got me worked up. so i did a little research (googling mostly). Here is my report.

I believe that the 'facts' in this article are not facts, but theories and opinions. These writers have hidden agendas. It is one of those believable-but-false investigative reports.

At first i thought maybe these people are some dare-devil investigative journalists, trying to expose the truth. NAH!! This is simply an anti-US group. Here i link a few articles (mostly conspiracy theories) written by these people on central Asian affairs and US/ Russian policies.

Mossad And India Spy Agency Team Up, Target Pakistan
If Iran is attacked
India: Beginning of the end?
The Great Game Continues
Mossad, Mossad - Coming Soon To A Town Near You!
Afghan Drug Scene: The Poppy Power (Suggesting that planes at Kabul airport are smuggling drugs)
Pakistan sees Indian hand in church bombing
Double belt tightening around US presence in Central Asia

Tariq Saeedi is a Pakistani journalist, based in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, and currently a special correspondent for the Pakistan Press Network, and Central Asia Bureau Chief for the Pakistan Press Agency. He has also written for now-defunct, which was very very anti-Baloch.

Their website NewsCentralAsia. is registered in Pakistan at following address;

Samee Dodhy
21 Snowhite Commercial Complex, Sharea Faisal
Karachi, -- 75350

I feel these people might be the paki-side of the media war in Balochistan. In the dust of the jeeps that they are pretending they have ridden to get to truth, glitters the official line of Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Posted by Gedroshian at 8:43 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 28 February 2005 8:50 AM EST
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