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Blogging Balochistan
Wednesday, 16 February 2005
The fall of Mir Hazar
Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani Marri was a Baloch hero. WAS!!!! He is alive today, but he isn't a hero any more. He is a warlord who can be rented to fight other Baloch. He talks about development, jobs, etc...but his actions reek of personal enmity with Sardar Khair Bux, which made him to reach towards Pakis.

He decided to be the counter-force against Nawab Marri, claiming that nawab is cruel. How is he any different than Ahamadan Kalpar? The Kalpar traitor also speaks the same words. He also gets money from Government. He also has people to fight the nawab. His main contention is also the same; i am good, nawab is bad.

Here, we have a situation, where egos, that are too big, refuse to budge before the common good of Baloch.

In this interview, Mir Hazar says;"Only the government can build the infrastructure, undertake development and explore the mineral resources of our area."

Yes, We know that. But whose government??? Paki government or a Balochi government???? You fought for that balochi government, remember? What happened along the way? Was the journey too difficult? or you simply couldn't refuse the offer laid before you of riches and power???

Instead of remaining immortal in Baloch history books, Mir Hazar has chosen to be another minor tribal chief, who will be soon forgotten, unlike Mir Sher Mohammad marri, who will keep inspiring young Baloch.

As an afterthought, here are a few links to two Pro-Hazar khan articles; The Truth is out, and The ice has started melting.

Posted by Gedroshian at 9:36 AM EST
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