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Blogging Balochistan
Sunday, 20 February 2005
The Settlers in Balochistan
Balochistan is primarily the land of Baloch. The British included some Pathan areas in Balochistan for administrative or political reasons, and over the years, some areas of Balochistan have been distributed to Pakistani provinces of Punjab, Sindh, and NWFP, Afghanistan and Iran. Such meddling with natural boundaries created a heterogeneous population of many ethnicities in Balochistan. Recently, Afghan wars brought in more non-Baloch in Balochistan.

But the term 'settlers' or 'abadkar' is not used for Afghans in Balochistan. It is specifically for Punjabis and Muhajirs who have settled in Quetta. It is amazing that not many settlers can be found outside the capital.

I intend to write about their relationship with the 'natives'; Baloch & Pathans. It will be unfair to generalize, but most of the settlers can be seen as the Anglo-Indians who put forth petitions after petitions to Queen Victoria, to not let go of India, because these people thought themselves English, and subject of England, and did not see themselves as Indians. In Balochistan, it is almost the same case. The settlers have not been able to connect with the people. Their loyalties are not with the land, but with occupiers. They associate themselves with the Quaid Residency, and not the chiltan hills. Having lived in Balochistan for more than 50 years, not even 10% of them can speak a local language; Balochi or Pashto, or Brahvi. Most of them live in what used to be a safe area of Quetta; The Cantt. But with the coming problematic times, they find themselves caught in crossfire.

Some settlers says that in 70s, their house were marked by Baloch fighters. Baloch say that the government did this to make these people afraid, and made them cooperate with the occupiers. They are usually the readily available fodder for anti-sardar and anti-baloch stance in Pakistan.

Here are two conflicting views of the situation in Balochistan by the 'Settlers' in he Urdu Daily 'Jang'.

Here writes an Anti-Baloch columnist about the The future of the settlers.
Here a Pro-Baloch settler writes a letter to a columnist, and part 2.
Here is another Pro-Baloch but anti-sardar article.

So, all is not lost. There are a few settlers who consider Balochistan home, and care about people of Balochistan.

All Balochistanis are equal.

UPDATE: 24th Feb 2005

A Mr. Haji wrote a letter in Daily Dawn about the identity of non-Baloch in Balochistan, which got a few baloch very furious. I do not see any harm in calling non-Balochs 'Balochistanis'. After independence, What will we call our nation? Of course, We can't call it Baloch, because it will also include non-Baloch. Will we force them to call themselves Baloch? We can't. It is very important that we tell all the people of Balochistan (non-Baloch specially) that they will not be second-class citizen in free Balochistan. Do we want to do to non-baloch what Pakis have been doing to us?

In free Balochistan, there will be Baloch, Pashtun, Hazaras, and Punjabis too. But they will all be Balochistanis and all will have equal say, and equal rights. We, Baloch, will have to make that sure.

My Balochistan will not be another Pakistan.

Posted by Gedroshian at 9:48 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 24 February 2005 6:27 AM EST
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Friday, 1 September 2006 - 2:34 AM EDT

Name: "Deep Blue "


Geographical boundaries can change. Our enemies have continuously used the tactics to divide and rule. Once balochistan will be independent, there will be a fight between sardars, each one seeking independence of his area.  Look in afgahistan, 30 to 40 peoples are kiled, all are afghanis. While the other poeple enjoy. Who are the one to suffer, you and nothing else.

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